Ikirezi partners with four associations/cooperatives comprised of more than 500 farmers. New associations/cooperatives will be added as we expand onto additional hectares of land. Widows and orphans comprise 80% of current members, as Ikirezi is dedicated to working in partnership with Rwanda’s poorest and most vulnerable populations.

In addition to our commitment to maximize farmers’ profits, Ikirezi is devoted to improving farmers’ social livelihoods, empowering them to transform their communities. We believe in fostering association/cooperative autonomy and self-sufficiency, while providing various trainings such as agribusiness management and HIV/AIDS prevention and care. The cooperative farming structure is also a valuable social arrangement for fostering reconciliation, unity, and relationships among farmers.

Map of Rwanda with Ikirezi locations

Current Partner Associations/Cooperatives:

  • Duhozanye
  • Abadacogora
  • KOAPARU / Nyabihu
  • COCOGEGA / Ruhango

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